A Dawn Walk with My Dog

W. Nicholson Browning
1 min readNov 9, 2019


I stopped this morning

While walking my good dog in

October’s chill

And darkness so still

That the quiet when the gravel

No longer crunched beneath my feet

Opened up a vastness before me.

I stood then, we did,

With our perfect view eastward,

Gazing into the silence

And the mysteries of the dawn.

And before us, out of darkness,

Out of emptiness, the big bang of

Morning began,

And the line of silent grey steel

Slowly made the world real once more.

Although there was no sound,

The world there was less silent

And the steel added light rose,

Then oranges, then reds

And the few starlings expressed

Their appreciation.

Once more I gratefully saw

That miraculous furnace

That flawless sphere

That splendid power

Appear and appear and appear

And reinvent the world

Once more.



W. Nicholson Browning

I’m a practicing psychiatrist with a recent interest in writing poetry and short fiction.