W. Nicholson Browning
1 min readJan 25, 2020


I Think I’m Okay

I think I’m okay.

It’s hard to know

And I can’t be sure

But I think I’m okay.

Everything, after all, ends.

Now we know

As we have never known before.

The sun will blow up

Like a prader-willi patient

And explode.

Even the universe

Will end;


Less in light than darkness.

And so will all

That I know;

Exploding or shriveling.

But I think I am okay.

I mean to be.

I’ve seen endings.

I’ve felt sorrow,

Felt protest,

And even anger.

But I think I am okay.

It helps to know,

I mean it helps me to know,

How remarkable it is

That I’ve been here at all.

I didn’t request it,

Couldn’t have, I don’t think,

But I am appreciative.

I want to know,

Even more, to feel,

How remarkable that is.

I was here. And so were you.


Little bubbles of the sea

Preserved within me.

And you.


And I know

Without endings

There are no beginnings.

So I think I’m okay

With endings.



W. Nicholson Browning

I’m a practicing psychiatrist with a recent interest in writing poetry and short fiction.